Carrollton Gothic Revival Residence

Modernizing one of the South’s finest mid-19th century and Gothic Revival style-residences.

Custom Residential

New Orleans, LA

9.500 SF


The Nathanial Wilkinson House is unquestionably one of the finest mid-19th century and Gothic Revival style-residences in New Orleans, and perhaps in the entire state of Louisiana. Built on a unique cruciform plan, the intersection of the two axis create four right angled corners on the exterior. Although impressive in character, the house lacked many of the requirements of a modern home. The house and grounds had suffered over the years from neglect and were in need of restoration.

The challenge presented was to add on a significant amount of living area in a style compatible with the original house. This new addition would house a Breakfast Room, Family Room, Garage and Exercise Room on the ground floor. A new Master Bath, Laundry, Playroom and Bedroom were added on the second floor.

Adding this large volume of space was compounded by the close proximity of the property lines, which was resolved by adding on in an area that would have the least amount of visual impact on the existing historical structure. The massing of the additional area was broken up into smaller segments and was kept to a one and one-half story scheme to be subordinate to the two and one-half story original house.

The addition is sympathetic to the Gothic Revival style of the main house but with less detail. The original residence was also faithfully restored, including interior plaster walls, millwork, cornices and medallions were restored.