1100 Annunciation

Maximizing a limited footprint for a new 16-story residential condo tower.

Mixed-Use Multi-Family, Commercial

New Orleans, LA

265,000 SF


1100 Annunciation is a new 16-story residential condo tower in New Orleans’ Warehouse District, which includes ample amenities such as a living green wall covered parking garage, street level retail and residential courtyard, and penthouse level amenities.

The ground level engages the burgeoning Warehouse District street activity with terraced and landscaped retail entrances/areas and a private courtyard serving the condo residents. A multilevel garage above is articulated to create intimate covered areas at the retail terraces. The garage is clad in perforated metal panels that will allow jasmine to grow and cover the facade. At the 6th level, the building steps back to create large terraces for condos directly above the garage. Above, all condo units open on to one or more large balconies providing views of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter, Superdome and the Mississippi River. On the 16th and top level, fitness, communal cooking, and pool amenities have panoramic views of the city.

The tower is grounded by a vertical masonry mass through which a two-tone metal clad envelope with staggering balconies ripples through. The western facade is sawtoothed in plan to provide views north to the CBD as well as west to the Superdome. Below, the garage volume intersects the masonry tower and metal envelope horizontally while the play of the green wall and perforated panels on its surface create a lively and light form, rather than a heavy mass. At the street level the metal panel volume again weaves into and out of the masonry tower. The building is pulled away from the adjacent former warehouse building to provide visual relief and open up a green and landscaped courtyard for the use of the condo residents, not unlike the inviting courtyards of the nearby French Quarter.