The Pearl Hotel - Mississippi

Enhancing a walkable coastal community with a new anchor point.


Bay St. Louis, MS

54,700 SF


Situated on a previously empty lot used for parking and festivals is now home to the first hotel built in downtown Bay St. Louis since hurricane Katrina in 2005. The hotel acts as an anchor, further activating the vibrant and walkable waterfront scene.

The new 54,700 SF hotel keeps context in mind, framing and maximizing outdoor views through its L-shaped design. The 59 guest rooms highlight opportunities to take in the coastal environment of an open-air courtyard which hosts a swimming pool and hospitality room.

Given the coastal location, building for resiliency was paramount. The hotel’s second floor slab is a post-tensioned concrete slab. The hardened construction design provides additional security against future storms and provides a solid base for upper floor guest rooms. Each floor system projects beyond the building envelope, allowing the balconies to act as an extension of the guest rooms. Balconies break down the building’s scale and give guests an elevated perspective of the gulf coast.Enhancing a walkable coastal community with a new anchor point.