Son of a Saint

Paying homage to the historic character of the century-old icehouse structure and relaying the professionalism and importance of Son of a Saint’s mission.

Commercial, Interiors, Education & Institutional

New Orleans, LA

15,605 SF

In Progress

Founded by Bivian “Sonny” Lee III, Son of a Saint is a not-for-profit organization that provides critical resources to fatherless boys in New Orleans. The organization currently calls an old icehouse converted to a co-working space home. With growing demands for the incredible services offered –tutoring, college counseling, mental health, nutrition education, peer-to-peer enrichment activities, culinary lessons, fitness opportunities and more – they have recently purchased the building to renovate and add onto to better fit their specific needs and programs.

Due to the range of services provided, the renovated facility is composed of spaces of various sizes of both specific and multi-purpose use. Trapolin-Peer aims to provide flexibility through levels of transparency and scaled adjacencies, offering mentors the opportunity to use an open lounge for tutoring groups on the weekdays and a place where everyone can watch the game with large garage doors to outside on the weekends. These larger spaces are centralized to smaller rooms available for more intimate needs, such as quiet study rooms and administrative offices.

Though Son of a Saint’s current offerings will be maintained, the new space will be outfitted to enhance their abilities. The organization will provide space for safe overnight stay when needed through the rooftop addition, an outdoor side yard for physical release and a large kitchen, to be used for culinary classes and provide grab-n-go meals.