Gabriel Virdure, AIA Featured in Design Masters, New Orleans Homes Magazine

October 01, 2021

Lee Cutrone, New Orleans Homes

Studio News

This story first appeared in New Orleans Homes in October 2021.  Story and excerpt written by Lee Cutrone.  Photography by Sara Essex Bradley.

TPA's very own Gabriel Virdure was featured in New Orleans Home Design Masters exclusive alongside some of the city's most talented and respected designers.  For the full list of designers, click the link below. 

A year and a half after the onset of a world-changing pandemic that suddenly had people at home most hours of the day, locals have had a chance to think about the meaning of home. As we’ve re-evaluated the role of our homes in our lives, we’ve also had the opportunity to consider the way they look and function — and that is precisely the expert domain of our Design Masters. Whether creating architectural drawings, choosing colors, furnishings and finishing details or designing custom carpentry, each one of them helps us give our homes the attention they deserve. At a time when we could all use a distraction, we decided to have a little fun getting to know our honorees. We hope you enjoy learning about them, too.

Gabriel Virdure, AIA
Master of Architecture

I create an array of functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces through a collaborative process for new construction and adaptive reuse projects.

What did you want to be when you were 7? Something design focused. I spent a lot of time building Lego houses, and sketching layouts for neighborhoods with winding roads and parks. What would your 7-year-old self think about what you are doing now? I think she would be surprised by the architect’s opportunity to impact day-to-day life for individuals and the overall community. What is your guilty design pleasure? I spend time looking at old city maps and comparing them to how they’ve evolved over time. I love the history of an evolving city. Which designer living or dead would you have dinner with and why? Chanel. I would love to know her source of courage and endurance to redefine an industry and simultaneously challenge social expectations and norms. Favorite New Orleans design landmark? Longue Vue House and Gardens. Favorite activity for creative inspiration? Traveling, no matter if the destination is familiar or new. There is always something new to discover or reflect on, wherever I wander. What is always in your fridge? Creole mustard. Favorite New Orleans band? The Meters. What is your favorite beverage? Or favorite New Orleans cocktail? French 75. Favorite snowball flavor? Pina colada. Perfect road trip? Is there such a thing as a perfect road trip? I haven’t taken one yet but would love to explore the Hill Country area outside of Austin. Favorite movie? “The Money Pit.” What is something you’ve learned from living in New Orleans? I’ve learned that we should not take things for granted and to be resilient on many levels. What makes you laugh? Dry wit. Something you learned to do during the pandemic? Or something you’d like to learn to do? Composting.